Greystar: EVIVA
June 1, 2017

Supreme Lending

Supreme Lending is a leader in the Mortgage Lending industry. A part of their brand includes a discounted lending product that allows teachers the ability to qualify for a loan and build a future. They approached The Social Route to generate leads for their education based mortgage initiative.

Cost Per Lead Before


Cost Per Lead After



Here’s where we started: We knew Supreme’s culture should have been resonating with homebuyers, so we began by understanding the product and market. We made predictive assumptions about the messaging and audience demographic. In response, we developed an iterative ad framework with educators in mind.

Iterative Structure: Initial Test
  • Compaign(s)
  • Audience(s)
  • 1
  • 3
  • (i)Educators 18-66, Denver + 25mi | 92,000
  • (ii)Educators 18-65, Colorado (broad) | 180,000
  • (iii)Website Traffic Retargeting | 5,000
  • Social Placements
  • Creative Assets
  • Copy Assets
  • Total Ad Iterations
  • 23 (Facebook, Instagram, Affiliate Networks)
  • 4
  • 2
  • 64

The initial data gave us the means to ask new questions. We searched for pervasive creative themes in the best performing iterations. We uncovered patterns and structures to better understand what emotions were generating leads.

  • Highest Converting Audience

  • Educators 25-44, Denver + 25 Miles

  • Highest Converting Social Network

  • Facebook Mobile Newsfeed

  • Highest Converting Creative

  • “Three Icons” Carousel + “Copy 2”

  • Overall Cost Per Lead

  • $77

Evolved Creative Example

Here’s what we changed: We deconstructed our initial assumptions by exploring the best ad. We re-directed spend and evolved the messaging and design, working not to find answers, but to ask new questions


Cost Per Lead Decrease


Result Increase