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Social media advertising for businesses was extremely different in 2011. We had an idea to leverage the social media market, which was being widely adopted by consumers, as a conduit for advertising local businesses. In 2012, social media began to evolve into an established platform for advertising. Specifically, Facebook purchased Instagram and WhatsApp, and many subsequent data acquisitions that established the most powerful and robust targeting platform for ad publishers that has ever existed.We were excited by the advancements in technology and the ease of access to information and decided to apply this to an ad environment and process that we believed would produce tremendous value to our clients. We believed in providing efficiency and transparency in our client’s sales and marketing strategies. We believed that the best way to accomplish this was by targeting the right customers with the right content. We became obsessed with identifying what components of an advertisement were invoking feelings in consumers; in understanding what components were producing the most results.

As a result, we developed tools to help us better understand this information. We searched for pervasive themes in the patterns and structure of the best performing ads and applied rules to the data we collected. This allowed us to make adaptations to our approach in a highly rapid and efficient manner. The result was a more effective and informative ad strategy for our clients. This continuous obsession has been the catalyst of TSR’s continuous advancements to data-driven advertising over the years, and now here we are.