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Social media advertising for businesses was extremely different in 2011. We had an idea to leverage the social media market, which was being widely adopted by consumers, as a conduit for advertising local businesses. In 2012, social media began to evolve into an established platform for advertising. Specifically, Facebook purchased Instagram and WhatsApp, and many subsequent data acquisitions that established the most powerful and robust targeting platform for ad publishers that has ever existed.

We were excited by the advancements in technology and the ease of access to information and decided to apply this to an ad environment and process that we believed would produce tremendous value to our clients. We believed in providing efficiency and transparency in our client’s sales and marketing strategies. We believed that the best way to accomplish this was by targeting the right customers with the right content. We became obsessed with identifying what components of an advertisement were invoking feelings in consumers; in understanding what components were producing the most results.

As a result, we developed tools to help us better understand this information. We searched for pervasive themes in the patterns and structure of the best performing ads and applied rules to the data we collected. This allowed us to make adaptations to our approach in a highly rapid and efficient manner. The result was a more effective and informative ad strategy for our clients. This continuous obsession has been the catalyst of TSR’s continuous advancements to data-driven advertising over the years, and now here we are.


Discovery & Framing:

We learn as much as possible about your core business processes by interviewing you and identifying your goals. Learning about your internal objectives and guidelines, and challenge assumptions surrounding the effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategies. This allows us appropriately recommend the advertising tactics that will help you achieve better This process involves intimate research, collection of existing data, and conceptual deduction.

Our team will:

Establish your objectives and the framework necessary to accomplish your desired outcome
Develop concrete understanding of your brand guidelines and objectives
Learn about the demographic & ethnographic makeup of your current and prospective customers


After we learn, we turn information and assumptions into actionable insights, crafting a strategy designed to accomplish your goals. This sets the framework for ad evolution.

Our team will:

Design or develop your initial graphics, animations and key messaging
Develop and structure your initial audiences
Make assumptions and recommendations on the ad-ecosystem we believe will be most effective.

Campaign Development:

In order to understand the catalyst responsible for an effective advertisement, we need to develop a framework that isolates one variable at a time. We apply what we learn through Discovery and Framing to structure the ad architecture of your campaign. This iterative based approach allows us to identify the patterns, structure, and emotions behind consumer purchase behavior. This allows us to apply your advertising investment to the highest performing ad iteration and evolve ad design in a rapid and dynamic fashion.

Campaign Development process is consistent with the principles of natural law and rooted in the fundamental beliefs and practices of The Social Route. It is the foundation for ad evolution.

Campaign Management

1. Iterative Testing
After we develop your campaign and generate your ads, we disseminate all iterations of static/video assets, messaging, target audience, and social network placement.

2. Rule Base Selection
Once we create the iterative framework, we declare KPI rules for identifying optimal ad performance to ensure they are aligned with how you measure success.

3. Media Spend Permutation
Once KPI rules are defined and delivery requirements are met, we dynamically shift your media dollars to the iterations that are producing the most results for any fixed cost.

4. Reporting
We extrapolate new information from our iterative testing to provide you with performance reporting on an individual and Cross-organizational basis. Additionally, this information allows us to understand what components of your advertisements were successful, and what should be eliminated.

5. Creative Adaptations
This involves the introduction of new graphics, videos, messaging and audience targeting based on the information we’ve learned.

6. Evolve Design
Once we make adaptations to your campaign, we begin testing the new, more favorable iterations to continuously improve the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Media Spend:

All of our campaign strategies are structured around a base level Media Spend. Your Media Spend is used to buy real estate on the various social networks we place ads. It is the catalyst behind the delivery component of result driven advertising.

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